I will Provide Facebook Monetizable Video Views

Monetizable 10,000+ Facebook Video Views, From Real Audience, Super Fast

Best Monetizable Views On Market
✔ 100% Real Views use to Qualify For Fan Page Enable MONETIZATION
✔ Watch Time 1 Minute – 2 Minute
✔ Non-Drop (Never Drop Till this Service Started on Marketplace)
✔ Speed 5k-40k /Day Currently (Speed will Increase more Day by Day)
✔ Min 1000 & Max Unlimited
✔ Maximum 500k Per Submit
✔ Current Start Time INSTANT (Some Video Order 0-30 Min)

Correct Video Format:

What is Monetization :
Pages can Earn Money from their content if they meet the Partner Monetization Policies (PMP).

To find out if your Page is eligible: http://bit.ly/2XoYJIx

Rules for Monetization: http://bit.ly/2wZkf7X

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10,000 Monetizable Views, 20,000 Monetizable Views, 50,000 Monetizable Views, 100,000 Monetizable Views


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